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Matt Guirguis via Email: 5 stars

“My name is Matt and I have been bowling for approximately 17 years.  During that time, my highest average was at 164 and declining.  Like most bowlers, I wanted my average to hover around 190-200, however; I found that task to be virtually impossible.  Of course I tried several things, such as a new ball every three months or a new wrist glove ever six months, but nothing worked.  I even tried a couple of coaches and advise from friends, but the more I tried, the more I failed.  Well, just as I was about to give up the sport, a friend of mine recommended that I try John Struckman.  I had no idea who this guy John is, and as one may imagine, I was pretty skeptical, but I thought that I might give him a try.  After all, what have I got to lose?  If he’s good, then I improve my game, and if he’s not, then I quit.I have taken four lessons from John, and during that time, I bowled my first 650 series (last week), my average has improved to 176 and bowling is fun again.  In fact, my wife and I have been entering in tournaments that I didn’t dare enter a few months ago.  I am very happy with the results, and I can only get better.If you’re like me and you think that by changing your equipment you will get better, I highly recommend that you give John a try.  He is caring, professional and he will definitely improve your game.  Take it from me: You can only get better!”

Kim Howes via Email: 5 stars

“Hi!  My name is Kim, and I’ve been bowling for about 16 years.  The area where I struggle the most when it comes to bowling is consistency and adjusting.  My average is around 195, and that’s because I will bowl a 230 my first game and then follow it up with a 160.  I can’t begin to tell you how completely frustrating that is, and how I would give anything to change it.  Well, I have finally found a way to change it, and it is all due to John Struckman.I have only had two lessons with John so far, and by tweaking the position I hold the ball, changing my timing a bit, and by suggesting to get my equipment looked at as the drilling looked a little off, my average is now at a 218!  I feel so much more confident about my game, and John has given me the tools I need to continue to improve.  One of the things I love the most about John is that he truly cares about you, and he really wants to see you succeed.  He has an option for a lesson with video, and I would definitely recommend that option.  It’s amazing how quickly you can change something when you can see what you are doing wrong.  I look back at the videos often to remind myself of what I was doing wrong and to focus on what I’m doing right.Another thing I enjoy about John is that he gives a Coaches Review at the end of each lesson.  He will go over your strengths, and the areas that need improving.  I have taken several lessons from other coaches, and I have never received the same amount of attention, professionalism, care, and all around awesome attitude as I have with John.  I was never given a review, and at the end of the lessons I just felt more confused and lost than I did before I took the lesson.All I can say is that if you are someone who is looking to improve your game, you need to see John!  He is an amazing coach, he is genuine, he is knowledgable, and he will never steer you wrong!  Thank you for everything you do, John!  I look forward to many more lessons and all the future 300s I’m going to bowl, thanks to you!”

Dean Heckert via Email: 5 stars

“Great Lesson, Great Results! I met with John and I think he is great. I have been really struggling with my game after a few bouts with age related injuries. My average had dropped from 194 three years ago to 163. I didn’t think he could help me but after just one lesson I bowled a 191 and 234 on my first league night after that.  My first game was a 135 but I kept on trying to use the techniques he gave me to try and focus on and by the 2nd game it seemed to come together. The coaching review I received after my lesson is very helpful and it was packed with lots of motivational advice specific to me. I have scheduled another lesson.”

Allen Eppens via Facebook: 5 stars

“Very knowledgeable! And would take another lesson!”

Joe Watkins via Facebook & Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“I took a lesson from John on Saturday May 6 and had a fantastic experience. Being an inexperienced bowler I scheduled a two hour lesson with John so that I would be able to get as much out of John that my arm would allow while being able to retain enough information to be able properly practice the new techniques during the week.The first hour was the basics of the setup and the approach, which I learned a ton, with the second hour focusing on the balance of the stance with a balanced release. Needless to say I felt like I was taking a golf lesson. There was so much information to absorb and remember.I look forward to my next set of lessons with John in the coming weeks.”

Estelita Mangrobangvia Facebook: 5 stars

“Excellent coaching! My games keeps improving
since I’ve started taking lessons. God bless & more success to you

Susan Alvarado via Email: 5 stars

“I just had a one-hour lesson with John Struckman.  I’ll have to say I was very skeptical because I was not familiar with him.  He completely surprised me with his knowledge of the game and his quick ability to evaluate mine.  At once, I felt very comfortable with him.  He was very patient, professional and answered all of my questions.  He reviewed my equipment that will only help me in my next ball selection.  By the end of the session, I loved the way my ball was rolling–it was skidding down the lane before.  He also summarized the things I needed to improve on before I left and emailed me a review of our lesson which I will keep for future reference. If you are looking to improve your game, I would definitely recommend him.”

Dean Briscoe via Facebook: 5 stars

“I had a great first lesson with John. He is very good about instructing your movements to correct bad habbits that do not utilise your maximum ability. He continually asks if you have any questions about what he instructs you to try as to make sure you completely have your head around it. After my first lesson I bowled 80 pins over my average in Vegas to cash in Sweeps. I am looking forward to more advanced instruction, Thank you John”

Don Luepnitz via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“1st bowling lesson – two thumbs up look forward to next lesson”
Don Luepnitz via Bowling Guys Facebook Page: 5 stars

“Had my first lesson with John, looking forward to upcoming lessons to further my game”

Carole & Richard Chung via Email: 5 stars

“John is an excellent, patient teacher with good tips for improved bowling. We will be taking more lessons.”

BJ Donovan via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“Great 1st Lesson. I recently took my first bowling lesson with John. John is a phenomenal teacher who has a wealth of knowledge. The lesson was 1 hour in length and began with setup and approach with the emphasis on a balanced finish position. John took me through 2 specific drills to help with balance and consistency. We also took a look at my equipment to make sure it fit my game. I really enjoyed the lesson and I’ve already booked a second lesson. I’m looking forward to improving and developing a more consistent game.”

Nelson Murphy via Email: 5 stars

“John is a wonderful teacher who knows his business and shows excellent people skills.”

Lorraine Murphy via Facebook: 5 stars

“John was great, my husband and I enjoyed his way of teaching us very much. He was very patient and great at answering questions. I recommend him to everyone who wants to improve their game.”

David Romero via Email: 5 stars

“Hello to all. I wanted to share my experience on my first bowling lesson with coach Struckman. After struggling so long with the efficiency and effectiveness of my game I decided to seek help. Coach Struckman’s information was very easy to find and contacting him was also very easy to do. I then booked my lesson with him and waited anxiously for it. He sent me a reminder the day before my appointment and everything was ready for me to meet with him at the bowling center. Once I met with him at the bowling center I felt very comfortable around him, he is very approachable and very professional. He explained to me what and how the first coaching session would be. He said he would assess all aspect of my game to see where to start in order to improve. We first had a small routine to warm up and be ready to bowl. I then started by taking five shots in which he observed my form, approach, deliver, follow through and technique throughout every shot. He immediately noticed some deficiencies in my game and addressed them, I then corrected some of them and had an immediate effect on the way I felt and threw the ball. He was very thorough and detailed in the way I needed to make adjustments during the entire session. I felt he is very knowledgeable in every aspect of the game. He showed me how to better read the lane and with some displays and graphs that increased my understanding of what I needed to improve. He also gave me some tips to improve my mental and physical game that I am eager to try on the league I play in. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who would like to take their game to the next step and I am looking forward to our next session in which I can keep on improving. After the session was over he emailed me asking if I had any extra questions and also included the notes in a lesson review so I can always look at them.”

Ashley Brown via Email: 5 stars

“My 2nd Bowling Lesson With John Struckman. I like John because he taught me that my left foot goes in front, and that my right foot goes in back. He taught me how to hold my shoulders. Then he held his badge up and let it hang over the third arrow on bowling lane, and told me to try to hit his badge with my ball, he said that will make my ball go straight so I can get a strike. I was scared that I wouldn’t get a strike but I did.  I am turning 9 years old, and I want to be on a kids bowling league. John said if I focus, I can bowl well. This is why John is the best bowling coach ever.”

Brandon Bermoy via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“My brother and I did our first group lesson with John today. It was a great experience and we learned a lot with our first lesson and are looking forward to future lessons. John was organized and full of great information. A pleasure to work with. Thanks again, John!”

Judy Pojar via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“Great lesson today working on approach and ball delivery Also got my ball cleaned which made a big difference. John is very knowledgeable so I’m feeling more comfortable with my approach. I think I will do good at sweeps.”

Clinton Meche via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“1 Standard & 1 Video Lesson. As a 200+ average house shot bowler, I am below 190 on PBA oil patterns. Before throwing my first ball, John and I talked about what it is I am looking to improve on. I explained to him some small issues I wanted to address (Ball release and balance during ball release to name a few). My ultimate goal is to know how to continuously adjust my strategies and methods on challenging lane conditions so that I am able to compete at a higher level (and also to not embarrass myself by throwing 130 games and such). John was quick to diagnose my balance and ball release issue. Although – still in the beginning stages – the adjustment feels weird, I already feel better balanced and more consistent with my release. A lot of the lessons consisted of “classroom” work, which is learning and understanding lane conditions, angles of attacking oil patterns that consistently change, and one of the most important keys to success: Knowing your own equipment. The video lessons showed me several different angles of my approach, which revealed the adjustments needed for optimum results, as well as my exposed love handles (note: a strong core can significantly help balance). I look forward to more sessions with John as he helps me get ready for the next season’s Brunswick Invitational.”
Dean via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“2 Lessons! I was a 190+ bowler! The last couple of years I have lowered to a 163 average. I have developed many bad habits. I just had 2 lessons with John before my sweeps and did better than I have in years. $$$$! In the 2nd game I had the front nine strikes. I still need lots of help but I am starting to feel good about my game again and it’s a great feeling.”
Phillip via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“So far my 1st lesson has been an improvement on my game, John is a knowledgeable instructor and helps you out in the areas needed. thanks John, I’m looking forward to our next session.”

Tanya Mendoza via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“Improving my game. Finished my 2nd lesson with John Struckman @Bowling Guys!!! I’m feeling really good with my progress and my over all game improvement!! I feel a little more ready for Women’s Nationals in Baton Rouge!!! Thank you again John, see ya at our next lesson”
Tanya Mendoza via Bowling Guys Facebook Page: 5 stars

“Hi everyone! Tonight I had my 1st bowling lesson with John Struckman. It was great!! I learned a lot and came out with a slight improvement in my game. I learned everything tonight from ball placement to reading the lanes…. I’m very excited for next lesson and it’s already booked!! Thank you John, you were awesome!!”

Brandon Wanders via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“Haven’t had many coaches but John proved that even guys with a 210+ average can always learn knew things and can use an extra pair of eyes. Looking forward to lesson number 2.”

Ramon Tago II via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“It is Awesome! I just started playing bowling and didn’t really know the basics so every time I play I always have paon on my thumb, my back and my legs but that changed ever since I had the privilege to be coached by John. Just by teaching me the proper basic techniques, I have not felt any pain anymore and I don’t get tired anymore! I’m looking forward to learn more advance techniques in the future!”
April Simkins via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“Very helpful. I have bowled regularly for two years and have not had much improvement on my own. My 1st lesson yesterday was an eye opener. Learned so much and started making improvements during the lesson. He is super nice and knowledgeable, of course. I will be booking my next lesson.”

Gregorio Joel Chin via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“My two sons had their first lesson with John. As parents, John explained to us some of the concepts that he was teaching to them, and that helped us understand and appreciate the game more. As a coach, he really analyzes your game, and helps you improve on that, instead of turning you into a whole new bowler. My two sons learned a lot from the lesson he provided and he even taught them to do some stretching exercises (which my kids don’t do routinely). Looking forward to Lesson 2!”

Micah Bermoy via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“1st and 2nd lessons. I took my 1st lesson with John about 3 weeks ago and it was great. My brother and I both did an hour long group session where John helped us with the fundamentals of starting position and proper foot/approach technique. This first lesson really helped me gain more balance and was able to deliver the ball down the lane more consistently. I was finally able to break 200 quite a few times. However, my forearm was getting extremely pumped and painful and sometime my ball hooked way too much. Which led me to my 2nd private video lesson with John… My 2nd lesson with John was much more in depth since it was a 1 on 1 video lesson. Here we focused on timing my arm/hand/ ball with my feet, proper arm position, ball position throughout the swing and aiming my shot. The great thing was that John recorded me at different angles to show how I am bowling. It was great to see a slow motion playback of yourself and having Johns professional criticism to correct a lifetime of improper technique. After this lesson, I have a lot of practicing to do to undo wrong technique and get the muscle memory of the proper form that I learned today. The best part is that John leaves you a detailed review of your performance after the lesson via email. I can’t wait to see the review for today’s video lesson. If you want to improve your game or just learn how to bowl properly. John’s your guy.”
Erik Blyar via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“I had my first bowling Lesson Ever with John. I am a 230+ bowler and after the lesson it made me realize that there is always something new to learn and there is always something you can do to get better. As I am a little more experienced than the average beginner, John tailored the lesson to where we went straight into the higher end coaching and bypassed all of the lower level steps and terms. We worked on my hand position and getting my feet more in line with my swing. Being a bigger stronger guy, I got into a habit of using my shoulders and arm strength to pull the ball through the swing which was causing me to have to plant and put extra strain on my knee. We worked on getting my swing and footwork on a more consistent and more in line with each other. Just the fact that John was able to approach my game with a different perspective and point of view was refreshing to me as I was able to obtain a truly independent opinion about my game. I was a little skeptical at first, but he quickly put any doubts to bed. He did what it many other coaches do and he listened to what I was saying, where I thought I can improve my game, the areas I wanted to work on, and adapted his lesson, his terminology, and his coaching style to how I like to learn. I was extremely satisfied with the first lesson.”
Elliot Light via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“Never to Old to Learn. John is an exceptional coach and like all great coaches he is a great teacher. I am trying to bowl a more relaxed and consistent game and John has been taking me through the basics, step by step. No matter if you are a beginner or pro John can help you improve your game.”
Rick Ebel via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“Great Lesson. This was my first bowling lesson with John at Saddleback Lanes and exceeded my expectations. John made some minor adjustments to my approach and hand position with immediate results. I have already scheduled my next lesson.”
Becky Smith via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“First Lesson!! Good first lesson. Hopefully it will pay off in Las Vegas!!!”
Barbara Scarpine via Email: 5 stars

“My first lesson was a positive experience.  Your observations, suggestions, guidance made on my bowling style allowed me to understand the following:

1.  My 3-step approach.
2.  The angle and position of holding my bowling ball.
3.  Analyzing the positions of the pins by the markings on floor and the alley.
4.  Recognizing where to stand in relationship to the pin positions.
5.  Using my left arm for balance while following through with my bowling ball.
6.  Stretching prior to any bowling.
7.  Mentally focusing to deter distractions.
8.  Relax and enjoy the game.”

Matt Hall via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars
“First Lesson and Breaking Bad Habits. My dad and I took our first lesson at Cal Bowl earlier this week, and really enjoyed it. We actually learned a lot. John was very thorough and showed us what we were already doing well, in addition to what we could improve on. He also emphasized the importance of footwork and finesse. When we applied those, we were more relaxed and bowled much better. We also began to break bad habits, which were: lofting the ball, gripping the ball too hard, and stopping too far behind the foul line. Thank you John! Can’t wait for next week’s lesson!”
Dana De Long via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“Two lessons with John. After trying to make improvements on my own (unsuccessfully), I sought out John for some lessons. We started with fundamentals and he quickly corrected my form and approach. My score is up by over 20 and I’m motivated more than ever to improve and compete. John is patient and very easy to understand.”

Bob Yee via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“Our First Lesson with John. John is an exceptional coach and a great teacher. I had never really bowled 10-Pin before and Mary hadn’t in many years. We decided to try it out and joined our first 10-10 league at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest. During our bowling sessions, we both received pointers from other good bowlers, but we still were not very consistent. We decided to try a group lesson with John after our last league game. Though pointers can help, we learned that they may be too specific to another bowler’s style and not good for us. John’s first observations were great. Both of us were too far back and our ball preparation was wrong. Our steps were not smooth and consistent and our delivery was forced. John stressed to us to try to bowl a more relaxed and consistent game. John has been taking us through the basics, step by step, in a manner we can understand and repeat. With just one session, our delivery was much better. We are looking forward to our next lessons after we practice what we have been taught so far. We may never be 250 bowlers, but it feels great to feel more relaxed and natural while bowling.”

Dave Safley via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“We wrote a glowing review 5 stars after our 1st lesson but it never posted, I think because – I did not Login (first) then write the review. / This time clicked the option to login and now posted out our 2nd lesson review. Yes, 5 stars, we have been bowling for fun for years all the wrong way, not know what we were doing. Just after 2 lessons, John is teaching us the right way. Building on a solid foundation. Since I am a Technology Engineer, I understand learning the theory will ease the way to understanding the fundamentals of bowling. John fired on all points over these past two sessions. Very personable and able to adapt to a fresh new bowler like us, all the way to working with pro bowlers of 30+ year to gain and fine tune their bowling style. John is “in-tune” with making every min of the hour session to be as productive as possible. John will not disappoint and such a blessing to have his unique services in our area. Looking forward to learning more!”

Don Luepnitz via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

“Learn something new each lesson, onward and upwards”

Sangkee Woo via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

2nd lesson. We are so lucky to see him for my son’s coach. He is clearly understand why to need to know for beginner bowler as well as others. Thanks and look forward to seeing you more.

Doo Shin via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

One day, youtube bowling video clips triggered me and then I started to the bowl since the beginning of this year. I went to Cal Bowl about 3-4 days per week and tried to practice what I learned from the youtube, then I seriously realized that I need a certified coach who can correct me from wrongdoing. Before I met John, I took any bits of advice from a person who seemed to be better than me, but then again, I found myself that my score wasn’t improving. Now I am at the stage where correcting myself from the bad bowling habit and thinking that I should seek for a certified coach, like John, in the beginning. However, its always never too late to learn, right? Currently, I am super happy with his professional teaching skills, and I hope I get better at it by practice what I learned from him; not from the Internet and/or Youtube. I hope you guys not taking the same step like I did, and let’s have a fun bowling!

Louann Weltman via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

I just finished my 5th lesson with John @ Forest Lanes. John is amazing! He has me stand on the right side of the lane, he moved me up so I start even with the ball return. Since I can’t walk a straight line, John had me turn my body a little, which causes me to walk straight. Who knew? He doesn’t just watch me from behind, he gets out on the lane to watch you from the front. John also sends reviews to me after each lesson so I can refer back when I’m bowling. If you are looking for help with your bowling, or just starting out, I highly recommend John Struckman!

Donna Siemann via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

John is very knowledgeable about bowling . I like his coaching style with our grandson , David. We all enjoyed the lesson and look forward to David’s next lesson.

Donna Siemann via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

David, our grandson, likes his bowling lessons and is looking forward to next week. He is getting some good information from John.

Donna Siemann via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

David had another great lesson with John today. We are all looking forward to the next lesson.

Donna Siemann via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

David has enjoyed his lessons and we plan on bowling with him and Sharon on a league this winter.

Gina Ross via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

We had a great time bowling with John today. My child and I learned a lot and we look forward to applying what we learned at our next visit to a bowling alley. Thank you!

Bill Jackson via Bowling Guys Booking Site: 5 stars

Clear concise pointers that make an immediate improvement. Glad I found him.

Norma Killian via Facebook: 5 stars

Had My FIRST lesson today! I am totally EXCITED! Lot’s of awesome information given and I am so ready to better MY game! If YOU want to be a better bowler or increase your knowledge, John is the guy! Kudos!

Jeffrey Cheng via Facebook: 5 stars

Simply stated … John is an excellent bowling instructor. Many professionals are skilled in their respective professions, however, that in and of itself does not make a good instructor. Other qualities such as interaction with your students are immensely important. The ability to explain, convey and impart the knowledge in a friendly and comprehensive manner is not easy and yet John is able to accomplish this well. In a single lesson I’d say he improved my overall game by at least 20%. If my average goes from around 130 to 150+ with a few lessons I can’t imagine that not being worth it to everyone reading this review. Well worth the time and nominal expense to learn from a true professional. Thanks John!

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