Wish I Would Have Bowled In College

There are many days I wonder, “What if I had taken that offer to bowl in college? What would my life had been like if I had taken the offer? What would my bowling career be like now had I bowled in college?” All of these questions come to the surface once in a while and for good reason. College Bowling is an awesome adventure for an aspiring bowler that is attending college. Why wouldn’t you bowl in college? The scholarships, the people you meet, the adventures you go on, the team bonding, the friends you make. There are so many reasons to be a collegiate bowler! You never know, you could be a national champion!

The entire process of being able to have the opportunity to bowl in college had to of come from somewhere, it didn’t just come out of thin air to get an offer to bowl on a collegiate bowling team. I worked very hard to hone my bowling and personal skills to obtain an offer from a college bowling team. My opportunity to showcase my talents came at the Junior Gold Championships in Las Vegas, NV. I ended up finishing the event in the Top 200 which enticed a college team to reach out to me while at the tournament. We bowled on a series of short, medium, and long oil patterns and competed over a number of days to earn our respective spots and open doors to new opportunities in our bowling careers.

Now you may be wondering, I just told you about all of the great reasons on why to bowl in college, and you might be wondering, why didn’t I just take the offer to bowl in college? Well, the decision wasn’t an easy one, but at the time it was the right decision for me to not take the offer to bowl on collegiate bowling team. At the young age of 19 years old, finishing up my 2 year Associate Arts Degree, I had a decision to make. Where would I be attending school to complete my Bachelor Arts Degree? Would I stay local and attend my local university or would I change my whole life and take the offer to bowl for a school in the Midwest? The decision was a tough one.

I do look back at my decision to not bowl in college and wonder, “What if I had bowled in college? Would I be National Champion? Would I be competing on the PBA Tour now? What bowling friends would I have now had I bowled collegiately?” Even now as a USBC Coach, how would have college bowling propelled my bowling career?

The way I look at it now is, do what is right for you at the time, and make the best overall decision for yourself. You never know where your life will take you. Just follow your dreams and your heart. You will be a successful person and an even greater bowler.


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